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Our experience for

sustainable growth

and long-term success

You will get an exclusive offer, based on our broad service portfolio.
Tailored specifically for you, yet flexible to quickly adjust to the market.
Presence in North America - Here for you
- Contact, address, email, phone
- Regular office hours (EST,CT, MT, PT)
- Your footprint out West
Office with a View
Sales - inside/outside
- All inside sale routines, link to your HQs
- Reporting
- Customer visits if required
- Online-shop, Showroom as add on
- Connecting and negotiating with sales reps
- Sales rep support
- Tracking commissions
- Case study data base for marketing purpose (references)
- Organisation of product training and Rep days
- Sales and marketing campaigns
- Introducing new products
- Trade shows
Small Meeting
- Translations (English/French/Spanish)
- Social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)
- Content marketing
- Organisation of trade shows
- Print campaigns
- Online campaigns and SEO
- Networking
Sales Agent
Warehouse and Service
- Commission warehouse (scalable)
- Inventory management
- Shipping, picking and handling
- Service structure set up
- Assembly
Shaking Hands
- Import through WESTING INC.
- Customs and Brokerage
- Shipping to your customer
- Turnaround within 24h
Semi-Truck on Overpass
Warehousing and Logistics
WESTING Trade Inc. takes care of the import of your products to Canada. Our experience has shown that transport costs for importing to North America are cheaper than for exporting from Europe. Our network of transport service providers and customs brokers has experience in importing goods of all kinds.
WESTING Trade Inc. stores, picks and ships your products to their customers in Canada, USA and Mexico. For standard products, the processing time from receipt of the order to dispatch to the customer is less than 24 hours - often on the same day.
We maintain your inventory in our or your ERP system and carry out continuous inventory checks.
office space
Back office
WESTING Trade Inc. has state-of-the-art IT and communication systems. We welcome your customers, sales representatives and partners in our representative office building.
Investment Chart
Market observation and corresponding analyzes
We monitor the market in the areas relevant to you and permanently coordinate the best possible strategy with you.