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Warehousing and Logistics
WESTING Trade Inc. imports, stores, picks and ships your products to your customers in Canada, the USA and Mexico.
We manage your inventory and are in close contact with your sales department. In this way we ensure a smooth supply chain from you, directly to the customer, or through us. We take care of all the necessary papers and documents.
Standard products leave our warehouse within 24 hours of receipt of the order - often on the same day.
Inventory updates and permanent inventories are part of our day-to-day business.
Thanks to our location in the greater Vancouver area, we have the perfect infrastructure for importing, but also for shipping your products.
  • Import of the products by WESTING Trade Inc.
  • Creation of all necessary documents for import and shipping within North America
  • Verification of forwarding invoices
  • Incoming and outgoing goods handling
Perfect connections to various seaports, airports and train stations in the greater Vancouver area